Family members of patients and patients diagnosed with complex or life-threatening medical conditions will have lot of queries and look forward for the suggestions / clarifications and answers from experts which helps them in making critical decision like following or pursuing the advised treatment plan.  In-spite of having confidence in current consultant, one more opinion or second opinion from expert and experienced consultant helps in making informed health decision.

Our experts study the reports and recommended treatment plan with an understanding of clinical situation and whole support system; they encourage the discussion on clinical aspect and recommend on the appropriate treatment plan.

Second opinion services @ Phoenix Hospital can be sought in situations like –

  • If the symptoms persist in spite of following / completing treatment

  • If unable to decide on recommended treatment plan by current consultant

  • If queries are unanswered or answers are unconvincing

  • If diagnosed with life threatening disease / cancer

  • If looking for more treatment options other than advised by current consultant

Phoenix Hospital provides Expert Second Opinion on the following Specialities !

Advantages of Second Opinion

  • Clarification –>Clarification of doubts/queries

  • Choice –>Receive recommendation on appropriate or additional treatment options to choose

  • Confidence –>Confidence in the recommended treatment plan by current consultant and pursue it.

  • Decision –>Confidence to choose or decide on advised treatment plan by current consultant


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