Phoenix hospital, one of the Best Hospital in Bangalore which is equipped with latest surgical facilities, experienced team and transparent process. The patient friendly infrastructure with ICU & critical care along with many services like investigative radiology, laboratory, pharmacy, ambulance, maternity transpires as a comprehensive healthcare centre in the centre of Bangalore. Special screening and awareness clinics are run and conducted for benefit of patient and their associates as preventive healthcare is gaining more preference and importance. Some of these clinics include Cancer screening, Diabetes & Dialysis, Well Women, Vaccination & Immunization. The experienced and empathetic team promotes post hospitalization care which plays crucial role in quality of patient’s life.

Phoenix hospital is equipped with latest diagnostic and treatment modalities which enables delivery of quality services and treatment with desired outcomes.

Growth of the one of the Best Hospital in Bangalore in the past 30 Years:

In 1990, a humble start by Dr. Hiremath with an aim of treating and saving the critically ill patients has been transformed into an advanced healthcare by upgrading the surgical facility with laparoscopic and endoscopic modalities to match the current need and with inclusion of radiology, laboratory services. The operation theatre and ICU facility has helped many patients with abdominal ailments, hernia, appendicitis, gall bladder related surgeries. The specialty services like Orthopedics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Trauma care; and diagnostic facilities with digital X Rays, ultra-sound, Doppler study has subtly contributed even more to hospital’s recognition as one among the best hospital in Bangalore and achieving its goal.

Management Value:

The management group at Phoenix aims to win trust and patient’s satisfaction by serving quality healthcare services with transparency and affordability.