Corporate Social Responsibility

Phoenix Hospital Bangalore and its growth in the past 30 years has been possible because of trust and confidence shown by our patients and their family members towards our services. We strive for wellbeing of our patients and visitors beyond our premises. And to ensure this, we conduct special screening clinics as our social responsibility. Our team makes all effort in transforming our learning into implementable actions for improvement of quality of life and prevention of life style diseases.

Diabetes Camp at Phoenix Hospital Bangalore:

1st Sunday of every month is dedicated for the Diabetes awareness and screening. Team gears up to receive the visitors and extend primary care of diabetes management

  • Checking blood sugar level of diabetic patients
  • Conducting diabetes screening test
  • Counselling newly identified diabetic patients for healthy life with diabetes
  • Discussing diabetes management- therapeutically and modification of life style and food habit with patients having uncontrolled blood sugar level
  • Counselling people with high risk for diabetes / life style disease

This initiative towards diabetes awareness and quality healthy life is being conducted from past 25 years and have benefitted people from different walk of life from Phoenix Hospital Bangalore founders.