Dialysis Facility at Phoenix Hospital Bangalore

What is the need for Dialysis ?

Human Kidneys are bean shaped twins that purify the blood and help the body get rid of any unwanted fluids and toxins. But if they are unable to perform their functions well or say purify blood properly then it signifies possibility of a chronic kidney disease. This condition may lead to dangerous levels of accumulation of body wastes and Waste products and toxic fluids your body. We must be aware that the consequences of leaving this condition untreated can be fatal. This is the stage where Dialysis comes to the rescue helping your body filter out toxins, unwanted fluids and solid substances before it reaches extreme stages.

What would be the usual Duration of Dialysis?

The duration is determined by two scenarios. If the kidney failure is non permanent in nature then it will continue till the point kidneys show recovery. However if the kidney is damaged requiring a transplant the dialysis will support your body till transplant is done. Please also take note of another scenario where your medical condition doesn’t support a kidney transplant – will have to be continued lifelong.

Types :

There are two types of  which one requiring an external machine for filtering blood and the other using the inside lining of the abdomen as a natural filter. The Experts at Phoenix Hospital Bangalore will guide you the best on this.