Digital XRays Facility at Phoenix Hospital Bangalore

Radiography conducted using Xray is the preliminary point for diagnosing a variety of health conditions and complications. Like the other Advanced Tests we offer you at Phoenix, It is also non-invasive, fairly harmless to the human body and also offers fast production of images so that it facilitates necessary care immediately.

The X-rays that we know have been there since the 1900s. These traditional one make use of films to take pictures of the internal structures of the human body. Add technology to this with few computers and digital ones  have become very efficient, economical and comparatively safer.

Do you know that Digital xray produce 80% Less Radiation compared to the Traditional ones. That doesn’t mean the Traditional one made you susceptible to high radiation but this reduces that limited exposure even further to near zero levels. Another advantage is that the use of films vanishes with Digital type. The films form an important form of costing usually among Traditional Xray and this is why Digital one have an upper hand Plus the images once stored are permanent in nature as there is no question of degradation involved like in the Traditional ones.

Digital X Rays offer great clarity and facilitate easy enlargement without bringing down the quality of the image. This helps in accurate diagnosis by your doctor,in turn offering you better care.