Doppler Study Facility at Phoenix Hospital Bangalore

Doctors recommend Doppler Test whenever your body shows indications of decreased flow of blood to heart or either to arms, legs or even neck. This test helps in analyzing the extent of blood flow through blood vessels by sending sound waves or known as ultrasound through the moving red blood cells and is a totally non-invasive test. The difference between a common Ultrasound scan and this is that a regular ultrasound though produces images yet can’t project blood flow. At Phoenix we have in-house Doppler Test option. We recommend a this test in case of any blood clots, Valves that are struggling to function well, narrowing, bulging or blocking of an artery etc.

Similar to Ultrasound scan even in Doppler a device called Transducer is used on the area of  your body being analyzed that passes high frequency sound waves which lets the specialist study the  blood flow speed by calculating the differential in its frequency. The sound wave responses are recorded and converted into images or graphs and this entire test takes about half an hour to an hours time.

This Study is conducted when you show symptoms of heart disease like shortness of breath, tiredness and swelling in the feet.

Interpreting the test results: If the test results come out normal then it means that the blood flow is normal and uninterrupted in your arteries. On the other side abnormal results suggest possibilities of conditions like blood cots, or blockage in arteries, damaged blood vessel and few more related complications that require immediate treatment.