Fully Computerised Lab Facility at Phoenix Hospital Bangalore

Phoenix Hospital Bangalore with its precisely maintained standards of service, have been offering diagnostic laboratory services for more than Three Decades, naturally being seen as the Lalbagh’s and surroundings most dependable Lab Service provider.

Major purpose why the computers are present in healthcare in general may include things like for maintenance of hospital database, in laboratory computing – imaging, sophisticated computer aided medical decision making, continuous monitoring of severely ill patients and computer aided therapy procedure execution and the list can grow further.

And when it comes to the lab as you very well know Collection of Blood samples and its result analysis is quite a significant function in any lab you will be surprised that most part of the task is completed by the computers today. Complex machinery in no time determines if the parameters like sugar levels, acids etc as asked by the doctors are they within the acceptable levels. They also can help in  creation and sharing of the report with the concerned experts who are treating that patient.

  • The Tests here are conducted in the ultra modern equipment environment by well trained lab technicians.

  • We offer Technical consultations from our skilled Pathologists

  • What you can always expect is Class leading Service from our experts.

  • Tests based on your schedules at a time most convenient for you

  • Phoenix has a 1day TAT(Turn Around Time) for majority of the usual prescribed tests.

  • Even before the COVID pandemic arrived, we used to encourage emailing or posting of reports and we even today and tomorrow try to keep in person collection of reports to the bare minimum.