ICU at Phoenix Hospital Bangalore

As the title suggests – patients requiring Intensive Care or High Dependency and Continuous Monitoring probably because of a major mishap or a sudden criticality like a heart attack or a paralytic stroke, severe levels of infection or for recovering from a major surgery are admitted at the Intensive Care Unit. Most of such patients generally will be facing critical problems with one or more organs.

In an ICU you will come across specially trained healthcare professionals along with a set of advanced monitoring equipments.For example Ventilators,feeding tubes,pumps and drins. Our ICU offers you excellent intensive care in case you are suffering from a major illness or after undergoing a major surgery with complex conditions and special care needs.

Lead by an expert group of experienced ICU Consultants along with specifically trained Nurses we offer you the Best ICU Centre in Lalbagh, Bangalore.No matter how severe your condition is,you will never see the need for shifting to another hospital.

The advanced ICU at Phoenix is equipped to treat infectious diseases specially when we are living through the COVID years and the clinic has been designed in such a way that it completely blocks transmission of infection further. We ensure that the level of infection is kept almost zero between individuals thanks to the rigorous monitoring.

The Phoenix ICU comes inbuilt with an advanced airflow system and the New isolation room established to safeguard inmates who are prone to infection due to low immunity levels.