Surgical Facility at Phoenix Hospital Bangalore

The Surgical Facility at Phoenix aims at offering you  and your loved ones the excellence in surgery with its technically advanced set up lead by the Expert Surgeons.

The team at Phoenix is a specialized group of certified surgeons who have received detailed training into various surgical procedures into multiple disciplines. They are people with expertise at their finger tips and very caring and are passionate towards their practice which you will notice this from the time you walk in to the hospital till the outcome of your surgery and even during recovery.

At Phoenix we perform multiple surgeries right from minimally invasive, day style where you get to go home in the same day and major ones where you need Intensive Care.

This Specialty at Phoenix primarily consist of proctology experts who diagnose and treat disorders like piles, hemorrhoids, fissures, and hernia. We also offer Cancer Screening for patients who need chemotherapy or other related medicines.

The regular procedures at Phoenix are well laid out into different stages for excellent outcome every time – pre surgery –actual surgery and post surgery recovery care and very carefully planned to offer highest levels of care to patients. Heavy emphasis is laid on avoiding any form of even the tiniest of infections during the entire procedure.