Ultrasound Facility at Phoenix Hospital Bangalore

Ultrasound technique is used to generate images using high frequency sound waves to closely examine structures within the human body. It is also known as Medical Sonography. These images can offer great insight for diagnosing and treating multiple conditions and diseases. Majority of scan is performed using a device called Transducer outside the body and in rare cases or for specific conditions it needs to inserted inside the body. Do you know the images captured are Real time images so much so that blood moment in blood vessels can also be noticed.

The Medical Sonography we make use of at Phoenix Hospital Bangalore is always safe because it uses Low frequency sound waves also there is no radiation exposure. We must know that most these scans do not require any preparation except in special cases of like say Gallbladder examination or that of pelvic region. The reason being you may be asked to either drink no water or consume in a specified quantity before the scan.

When you visit Phoenix for Ultrasound scan a gel will be applied on to the skin of the area being scanned in order to enable ultrasound waves to pass on from the device known as transducer by means of this gel into the body. So here the range of the sound signal and the time it takes to move through the body offers the vital input required to produce an image.