Project Description

Antenatal Care at Phoenix Hospital Bangalore

Delightment, Exhilaration, Thrill… these mixed emotions felt on confirmation of pregnancy cannot be weaved in words. But the care and attention required by an expecting mother can be organized and extended. The systematic medical care extended during pregnancy is known as antenatal care.

The antenatal care involves medical check-up, laboratory tests, ultrasound scanning, counselling, monitoring of food intake & life style in order to ensure wellbeing of expecting mother and the growing foetus at regular intervals. Any possibility of the complication is identified and timely managed with proper treatment and referrals. During antenatal check-ups, pregnant woman is guided on food intake, bodily changes and requirement, micronutrient supplementation, immunization against tetanus. In case of gestational diabetes / hypertension or other complication, she is counselled for life style modification and appropriate treatment. Woman who has conceived after 35 years of age or had abortions or faced complications in previous pregnancy or has life style disorder like diabetes/hypertension fall under high-risk pregnancy and needs extra care.

Objective of Antenatal check-up:

  • Identification of any risk to expecting mother or to the foetus

  • Well-being of expecting mother and growing foetus – physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically

  • Health awareness about mother and child

Scheduling of Antenatal check-up

  • 1st Antenatal check-up on confirmation of Pregnancy

  • From 4th to 28th week of pregnancy: Once in a month

  • From 28th to 36th Week of pregnancy: Twice in a month

  • 36th week of pregnancy onwards: Once in a week till child birth

High-risk pregnancy cases will have more frequent consultation with her Physician.

1st Antenatal check-up includes:

  • Pregnancy confirmation test

  • Calculation of probable delivery date

  • Understanding of medical and family history

  • Recording of weight, height and blood pressure

  • Complete blood test

  • Urine test

  • Check on Vitamin D

  • Downs syndrome screening in case of lady with 35+ years

Regular Antenatal Check-up Includes:

  • General health check-up

  • Blood pressure, pulse rate

  • Measurement of tummy for checking feotal growth

  • Feotal heartbeat and movement check

  • Ultrasound scanning to check the growth, organ / body part formation, heart beat

Benefits of Antenatal Check-up:

  • Ensuring health for an expecting mother and unborn baby

  • Interactive communication between expecting mother and maternity care providers instils confidence, clarifies the confusion and doubts related to later stage pregnancy and child birth

  • Helps in identifying any pregnancy related complication like gestational diabetes, hypertension, eclampsia etc…

  • Guidance on nutrition intake that is beneficial for both

  • Preparing the expecting mother for child birth