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Diabetes Hospital In Bangalore

As you are well aware Diabetes is a long persisting disease which is caused by either the body’s inability to produce sufficient insulin to absorb the blood sugar or when body is unable to make use of the insulin produced sufficiently well. Well what you just read above are the Type 1 and Type 2 forms of Diabetes and while reading this please observe if you or any member of your family are experiencing sudden loss of weight recently, frequent urination issues, excessive fatigue, numbness in feet or dry mouth coupled by thirstiness, excessive hunger you may want yourself examined at the Best Diabetes Hospital In Bangalore at the earliest no matter whatever your age might be.

At Phoenix Hospital Bangalore our dedicated team of diabetes Care specialists are aimed at effectively diagnosing and treating patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes and helping them manage their condition perfectly and avoid any related complications that may adversely affect their health.

Prevention is always better than Cure! But never worry we are there for you!

Interestingly most people ignore the need of a regular health checkups. And the reason why we always recommend this strongly is because just like any other chronic diseases even Diabetes has a Pre & Post stage. The pre stage is where it is preventable from occurring by making immediate changes to your lifestyle as your Doctor may suggest, possible only when you undergo timely health checkups. The main factors that can put you in severe risk category are Uncontrolled or High Blood Pressure, high levels of cholesterol and also Obesity and definitely High Blood Sugar Levels. Timely observation by the doctor can help either prevent or bring down the risk of major complications like heart attack, paralysis, kidney failure, loss of sight and in the worst case chances of amputation.