Project Description

Maternity Care at Phoenix Hospital Bangalore

Every woman wishes of holding the bundle of joy close to her heart as soon as it is born. Child delivery is considered equal to rebirth for the woman and maternity care is crucial in this perspective.

Maternity care involves antenatal care, child delivery and post-natal care; and facilities involving birthing suite, ante-natal & post-natal accommodation, nursery care and other functional areas like nurse station, visitor lounge, wi-fi & wireless based network etc adds value to the compassionate care extended by the maternity care team during the most important moment of woman’s life.

The care system followed by the team is can be considered in 3 sections –

  1. Antenatal Care: From the moment, the news break about the woman’s conception, the caring concept becomes priority not only for the family but for healthcare team too. The care system ensures that the expecting mother and new life (foetus) is well supported during the developmental stages with proper nutrition intake, vaccination & safety and emotionally. The regular antenatal check-up is scheduled, information is exchanges, doubts are clarified, birth process is discussed and expecting mother is prepared for the biggest event of her life – child birth. All types of pregnancy (low risk/high risk) receive due importance as every child process is unique in its own way and contributes to the survival of the mother & child.
  2. Child Delivery: The waiting period comes to an end and the new life is welcomed with much preparation. The confidence of expecting mother and maternity care team gets into action. The labour room is set – the birthing set-up, contraction & pain management, other arrangement to handle any complications, presence of other specialists like anaesthesiologist, paediatrician ensures the success of the whole process.
  3. Postnatal Care: After delivery, the next 6-8 weeks are very significant period for mother and child. In this period, lot of activity takes up the priority. The new born baby brings in the whole world of happiness in one’s life and at the same time, lot of learning and caring is needed and given by the new mother.Some are as follows –
  • Infant care: holding the baby, feeding / pumping the milk, understanding the infant’s need and sleep pattern

  • Eating nutritious and complete food

  • Healing of the incision (in case of C Section) or vaginal soreness

  • Urination related problem – pain/ urgency/frequency

  • Sleep pattern