Project Description

Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy (URSL) at Phoenix Hospital Bangalore

Everyone has heard about kidney stone and the severe pain associated with it. One wishes to get rid of these stones without surgery, without hospital stay, without any pain and normal routine life. Today, surgeons can fulfil this wish of patients with kidney stone with latest treatment – Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy.

Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy is an invasive procedure where an instrument called ureteroscope is inserted through the urethra to urinary bladder to ureter to get a view of related organ and following the confirmation of presence of stone, laser or high frequency waves are used to fragment the stone and remove them. Ureteroscope is a long and flexible tube having light and camera at the distal end. The fragmentation of stone is called lithotripsy. The small fragments of the stone get flushed or excreted along with urine. Andpatients who have narrow ureter, grasping device is used for removing the fragments. In case any injury has been sustained while handling big size stones, a urethral stent is placed to avoid narrowing of ureter lumen due to procedure / inflammation and easy passage of urine from kidney to urinary bladder. The whole procedure is performed under the general or regional anaesthesia.

Benefits of URSL

  • No incision so Scar-less procedure

  • Faster Recovery

  • No hospital-stay

  • Resumption of normal life and work schedule

  • Preserving kidneys from any permanent damage

  • Mild discomfort due to procedure which subsides in few hours

  • Least chance of developing UTI Infections